Rearranging the furniture

I've had a very happy few months of posting my writing here on Psalter the Earth, and I hope to keep this up for the foreseeable future. I sincerely thank each one of you who reads or supports my writing.

After mulling things over for a little while, I have decided to rework some features of the blog and newsletter. I hope these will add up to Psalter the Earth being more interesting for you to read, and more viable for me to publish.

The newsletter will now be sent monthly, there will be a lower price for paid memberships, and comments will be switched off.

Newsletter sent once a month to keep it special

Rather than having each and every blog post sent directly to your inbox, as things currently work, I am going to rework the Newsletter into a digest of recent pieces, sent out roughly monthly.

Part of the reason for this is that I would like Psalter the Earth not simply to be a display cabinet for polished pieces, but a workshop where I think through ideas. If I send the newsletter monthly, I will feel free to post “workshop” pieces to the blog more frequently, without constantly bombarding your inbox. Whatsoever ye would that men should do to your inbox, do ye even so to their inboxes: this is the Law and the Prophets.

The Newsletter will be free as ever to subscribe to.

Lower price for paid memberships

You can now become a Supporter of Psalter the Earth with a paid membership for A$5 per month, or A$50 per year—right into that "a cup of coffee per month" price zone. (If you live in a major Australian city right now, that coffee might be a piccolo.)

I would love to grow the number of Supporters I have over the next few months. If you're enjoying my writing and want to support my work, please consider becoming a Supporter.


One feature is going away entirely: comments. There are some blogs for which the discussions in the comments are part of what make them so interesting to read. I've come to think that Psalter the Earth isn't one of those blogs.

Most of my responses to posts have been email replies from readers who have something interesting to add or something further to ask. I really enjoy receiving those kinds of replies. Please, by all means, continue to send those my way!

Let's see how this goes

Psalter the Earth has always been an exercise in trying things out and seeing what comes of them, and these changes are very much in that spirit. Let’s see how this goes!

Thank you, every one of you, for reading Psalter the Earth. I hope that it is and always will be a blessing to you.