Finding out how I exist

Update on my study plans for Hilary Term 2024

Armidale's enormous Christmas tree has finally come down, which is as objective a marker as one could hope for that the holidays are properly over for the working class.

In addition to my full-time work starting up again, I am also returning to my moonlighting-as-a-theological-student. Last term was a hoot, but I think I discovered the upper limits on my time and energy. And the weeds don't stop growing just because you have the deep things of God to contemplate.

This term (Hilary Term), I've thought it prudent to reduce my study load somewhat compared to last term. Accordingly, I will be taking Philosophy for Theology and continuing with Latin.

Some of my classmates for this coming term
Some of my classmates for this coming term

Philosophy for Theology

Some months ago, I quoted Mark Jones who observed the lack of good philosophical training amongst contemporary evangelical theologians:

[…] the philosophical abilities of our older theologians were far better. One simply could not do theology at a high level if they did not have philosophical training. Aristotle is a must, if only to understand what theologians before the Enlightenment were talking about with their various concepts and terms. There’s a certain “language” of the Early Modern Period and you start to pick up on the various concepts and terms the more you read sources from which our divines were drawing from. In depth knowledge of St. Thomas is required if only to make sense of a lot of Reformed theology.

With that in mind, I look forward to getting a firmer grip on the basic categories of Thomistic metaphysics and epistemology that are usually assumed knowledge in older theological works. I also look forward to finding out how I exist…

Beginner Latin II

I was very pleased with my first term of Beginner Latin: I'm now able to follow a rudimentary discussion in Latin without mentally translating it phrase by phrase--provided that the grammar isn't too complicated. I'm also getting to the point where I can guess the meaning of some new word or phrase from the context of what I'm reading. Since I knew practically no Latin as recently as August, this is very satisfying.

(The main perk so far has been singing Veni Veni Emmanuel with some friends on Christmas Eve, and having some grasp on what I was actually singing.)

This term, I'll be persevering with the second of three required Latin courses. By the end of April (Lord willing) I'll have learned the entire system of Latin grammar.

Thank you Supporters

Once again, thanks again to all those who have backed me both in their prayers for me and in their donations to the cause. If you are able to contribute something to my upcoming sojourn to Davenant House, please consider doing so here:

I hope that this program of study bears fruit not only in my own life, but in the lives of others as I am given more capacity to build up Christ's kingdom.